Rare Nazi Graffiti snapshot group.


Possible ‘Werwolf’ connection.

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Obscure group of snapshot photographs concerning pro Nazi Graffiti painted onto walls. The examples referring to ‘The Fuhrer’ would obviously indicate they’ve been painted pre Adolf’s death in the Fuhrerbunker. But the writing in photo 3 could very well be a warning from ‘The Werwolf’ organization. (Please go to Wiki for full details of the Werwolf group.)

Photo 1 Translation – ‘Fuhrer leads and we will follow.’ (Rough translation.)

Photo 2 Translation – ‘Long live our Fuhrer. Adolf Hitler!’

Photo 3 Translation – ‘ Soon comes the day of revenge.’

Photo 4 Translation – ‘Long live the Fuhrer. Long live Germany.’

Photo 5 Translation – ‘Don’t complain. It’s not too bad.’ (Nearest translation I could get.)