Equestrian SS Photo Group.


Totenkopf and Hermann Fegelein connection.

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Two pages removed from a photo album. Photos include four snapshots from an event in Germany 1938. Notations below the photos name an SS-Sturmfuhrer Heidenreich & SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Gunter Temme. I did a little research and apparently Hauptsturmfuhrer Temme was one of the leaders of the Totenkopf riding school in Munich under the command of Hitler’s future Brother-in-Law Hermann Fegelein. Actually all of the members of the equestrian team that Germany fielded in the 1936 Olympics were all members of the Equestrian-SS. They also competed in various competitions all over Europe before the war.

Other photos in this group include a nazi veteran’s parade (Reichstreubund) which features a young child sieg-heiling at the side. A military event with Gauleiter Kaufmann(??) speaking and four curious photos of the German family holidaying in Burchington, England (County of Kent in southern England) dated July 1938.