Officer’s Wehrpass/Citation Grouping.


Leutnant Grenadier Regiment.

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Group of four to a member of Grenadier Regiment 399.

The recipient was promoted up to the rank of ‘Leutnant of the Reserve’ and was active in Belgium, Ukraine, Staraya (Novgorod region of Russia.) and Poland.

(Please note that the entry on page 24 is postwar and wrote in ballpoint pen.)

  1. – Wehrpass dated 4th June 1941.
  2. – Citation for Iron cross 2nd Class. Dated 20th April 1944 (Hitler Birthday Award). Signed by the Oberst and Divisional Fuhrer of ‘111 Infantry Division’.
  3. – Citation for the Wound badge in Black. Dated 5th February 1944 and signed by ‘Oberstabsarzt und Chefarzt at Bad-Konigsdorff/Oberschl’.
  4. – Citation for the Wound badge in Silver. Dated 27 February 1944 ( Just 22 days after being awarded the black grade. Obviously involved in some heavy combat.) Signed by ‘Oberstabsarzt und Chefarzt at Celle’.