Wilhelm Gustloff Disaster related group of Documents.


Worst Maritime Loss of Life in History.

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Excellent civilian document family grouping relating to the ill-fated cruise liner ‘Wilhelm Gustloff’. Includes – Menu, Pocket Atlas, KDF Savings Card with stamps, Colourful Boarding Pass (??), Deutsche Reichpost Savings booklet, Ausweis card, Ration card and a snapshot photo of passengers being welcomed aboard the vessel by the Captain and other uniformed members of the DAF. Of note is two Allgemeine-SS bandsmen standing in the background.

The loss of life in this disaster was far higher than even The Titanic. But, I suppose, because it involved citizens of The Third Reich it is unheard of in modern mainstream society. Which is a total shame.

A rare lot and a great opportunity to purchase a piece of Nautical History.