Two Official Nazi Party Documents.


‘Strictly Confidential’

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Two official NSDAP documents concerning one man. The first letter is dated 12th July 1939. Sender was the Gau administration at Pommern.

The letter has, in red print, ”Streng Vertraulich nur zum Diesntgebrauch”. (Strictly confidential. For official use only.)

The signer confirmed that there are no doubts about Kurt Herzig’s political loyalty.

Item bears the signature of the Gau Personnel leader and ink stamped by the NSDAP in Gau Pommern.

Second document is also a letter from the NSDAP in Pommern and dated July 1941. The signer, a Kreisamtsleiter, wrote that he had already sent another letter concerning Kurt herzig to the NSDAP at Stettin.

This doc is stamped by the NSDAP Pommern and hand-signed by the Kreisamtsleiter.

It seems someone in the party had their suspicions about where Herr Herzig’s allegiances lie and was doing some investigation into his background.

Fascinating look into the Nazi party’s inner workings.