Philipp von Boeselager. (Hitler Assassination plot.)


Philipp von Boeselager

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Signed photo from Oberstleutnant Philipp von Boeselager who was involved in two assassination attempts on the life of the Fuhrer.

The first attempt came about in March 1943 when he was given a Walther PP, with which he was to shoot both Hitler and Himmler at a dinner table in the officer’s mess. However Himmler left Hitler’s company and the plan was abandoned.

The second attempt was the infamous ‘Hitler bomb plot’ and Von Boeselager’s role in the plan was to order his troops (who were unaware of the plot) to leave the front lines in eastern Europe and drive west in order to be air lifted to Berlin to seize crucial parts of the city in a full scale coup-de-tat after Hitler was dead.